High top toddler sneakers

When shopping for shoes for your child, choosing the correct size can sometimes be confusing. A common problem that many people face is the numbering system used for sizing. Size charts often vary depending on the manufacturer's country of origin.

European and US sizing differ considerably. Fortunately, if you're only familiar with one of the systems, a conversion chart will help. Our conversion chart shows European and US size conversion for all of the children's shoes in our online store.

Common Questions About US and EU sizes

What Size is 21 in Toddler Shoes?

European Size 21 children's shoes are the same size as US children's size 5.5.

What Age is size 5 Toddler Shoes?

US size 5 toddler shoes (European size 20) usually fit children who are age 12-18 months.

What Size is 24 in Toddler Shoes?

European size 24 children's shoes are US children's size 8. They usually fit children age 2 1/2 to 3 years old.

High top sneakers size 24

What Size is 19 in Baby Shoes?

European size 19 baby shoes are US children's size 4. They usually fit babies who are between 9 and 12 months old.

Do Toddler Shoes Come in Half Sizes?

In the US children's shoe sizing system, half sizes are available. European children's shoes don't come in half sizes numerically, but they have equivalents. For example, an American size 5.5 toddler shoe is the same as a European size 21 toddler shoe. Note: Don't confuse US children shoe sizes with US adult shoe sizes. For example, a 5.5 US adult shoe is not the same as a 5.5 US children's shoe - it will be too big for a toddler.

Measuring Tips

1. Always measure your child's feet before selecting a size rather than basing your choice on age or what you assume your child's size is. Here are several simple ways to measure your child's feet: http://www.wikihow.com/Measure-Baby-Feet

2. Remeasure your child's feet every 3 months to see if a new size is needed.

3. Don't buy shoes that are bigger than your child's current size so they can "grow into" their shoes. Shoes that are too big will cause your child's feet to slide and the shoes to bend in dangerous ways that can lead to trips and falls.