Supportive toddler shoes

The toddler years, age 1 to 3, are an important time for the development of the bones in the feet. They're also an exciting time of exploration as the child learns how to walk, run and do many other activities that require stability while on their feet.

Supportive shoes for toddlers are therefore very important, minimizing the risk of injury from falls, and protecting foot health. They can also help to prevent common foot related problems such as flat feet, ingrown toenails, corns, and calluses.

Supportive shoes for toddlers should be made with:

- non-toxic materials

- a breathable insole with anti-bacterial properties. This will help to absorb sweat, preventing odors and protect the skin from infections. A good leather insole amortizes shock when walking

- anti-slip outersoles

- a firm heel counter to improve stability while walking, protecting the ankles

- no bending where the foot doesn't naturally bend

- a design specific to the child's age, accommodating the different development stage the feet are in for best positioning

- secure fasteners that are simple to use so there's no risk that the shoes will come off accidentally, but they won't be hard to put on or remove

- indoor and outdoor use in mind, so you don't have to change your toddler's shoes often for different activities

Finding supportive toddler shoes that meet these criteria can be difficult.

Thanks to the larger market of adult footwear, the footwear industry focuses primarily on supportive shoes for adults, notably athletic shoes.

Fish for Shoes supportive shoes for kids meet all of the above criteria and more.

Designed in Europe with the specific needs of children's feet in mind, with many fun and fashionable styles to choose from, they are an excellent value.

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