Baby first walking shoes


Most children learn how to walk between the ages of 9 and 15 months. During this critical and exciting time, appropriate footwear is important. The best shoes for first walkers offer a combination of support, flexibility, comfort, breathability and antibacterial properties. They should also be sized correctly for your child's feet.


High quality infant hard bottom walking shoes are a must for proper support.

The muscles and ligaments in a child's feet and legs develop rapidly, but it takes a while for little feet to be strong enough to be self supporting. Extra reinforcement in the bottom of the shoe is therefore essential. Hard bottoms will also protect the soft skin on your child's feet from cuts and scrapes.

The best infants shoes for walking firmly support the ankles. Baby high top walking shoes are ideal, reducing wobbling in the ankles that can increase your child's risk of falling and injuring herself.


The ideal shoe has some flexibility so your baby can navigate both indoor and outdoor terrain equally. A little bit of give in her otherwise firm shoes will help her to pivot smoothly for safer turns.


Comfort, of course, is key. If your baby feels any discomfort, it could greatly inhibit her willingness to wear her walking shoes when practicing her new skill. An excellent choice for comfort is a shoe with a profiled leather insole to absorb shock when walking.


Breathability is important for both comfort and health. Breathable materials will help your baby's feet stay cool and prevent bacteria from building up on her skin.

Antibacterial Properties

Antibacterial materials incorporated into the shoe are also good to consider. Along with breathability, they'll help to prevent skin disease and reduce odor. Material that has been enriched with antibacterial nanosilver particles is a great new option to look for.


The correct size shoe for a child who is first learning to walk is size 3, 4, 4.5 or 5. A shoe that is either too big or too small won't be comfortable and can increase your child's risk for falls and other injuries.

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